L'Europa che vogliamo


We love to design and manage Communication strategies and Media campaigns in all EU matters for national, regional and local authorities, public administrations, universities, corporations, SMEs and non-for-profit organizations.

We adore managing Public Relations and Territorial Marketing campaigns, from the local level to the European and international level.

We will have the pleasure to advise you on the best way to present you and your Ideas to European Union.

We like to program and implement events; processing of texts for brochures, web pages and social networks in all EU matters.

Our Team has a very, very deep experience as Technical Consultants to Regional and Local authorities in the framework of ROPs Communication Plans.

We have a great interest and pleasure in teaching you how European Union it works....Its Policies, its interesting and useful Programs, its fascinating Institutions..... But even how to get european money (our money!) and the best way to use it!

We love Europe!

We love our work!